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Welcome to Cannon Asset Recovery.

Why are you here? You are here because you received a letter from us. That letter states that we have found money that belongs to you. You are one step closer to claiming what is yours. All that is left is to contact Cannon Asset Recovery ("CAR") and we will be happy to explain the process in greater detail. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help you start the process of collecting YOUR money. This is NOT a scam. CAR is here to help YOU collect what is rightfully yours. We are NOT a debt collection agency. We are asset recovery specialists who help return money that is rightfully yours. We invite you to look us up. We are a fully functional company working within the guidelines of the California Secretary of State. []. Let your family benefit from the fruits of your labor instead of some government agency retaining your money. Call Cannon Asset Recovery and let us help you!